Shuliy Machinery’s PET bottle washing line is a complete solution for recycling PET bottles. Through a series of state-of-the-art shredding, washing, and drying equipment, PET bottles are finally processed into contamination-free PET flakes. Our standard PET bottle recycling line has a capacity of 500kg/h-6000kg/h, and we can customize the line equipment configuration and capacity according to your needs.

If you want to start a PET bottle recycling business, investing in the PET bottle recycling machine is a good choice, our PET bottle recycling plant has been exported to Nigeria, Mozambique, Congo, Saudi Arabia, and other countries.

PET plastic recycling machine

Introduction of PET Bottle Recycling Line

The main equipment of this PET bottle recycling plant includes a PET bottle label remover, plastic bottle shredder machine, plastic float sink tank, hot washing tank, plastic friction washer, and horizontal dryer. To ensure the quality of the final PET flakes, you choose multiple washing steps.

This PET bottle washing line is mainly used for washing and recycling plastic bottles made of PET such as mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, milk bottles, and so on. The final product is clean PET flakes. Shuliy Machinery is a PET bottle washing line manufacturer, which has helped customers in many countries, such as Congo, Mozambique, Indonesia, etc., to start their plastic bottle recycling business.

Raw Material and Final Products of PET Bottle Washing Line

The raw material of PET bottle recycling plants is all kinds of waste PET bottles, such as mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles, etc. The final product is recycled PET bottle flakes.

Working Video of PET Bottle Recycling Plant

This video shows the process of recycling PET bottles into clean PET flakes.

Recycling Steps of PET Flakes Washing Line

The PET flakes washing line workflow typically includes the following key steps.

  • Collecting PET bottles: First, collect discarded PET bottles from different sources such as recycling stations, supermarkets, restaurants, and households.
  • Unpacking: Plastic bottles collected from rubbish dumps usually need to be unpacked first.
  • Crushing: The sorted PET bottles are fed into the plastic bottle shredder machine to cut them into flakes to reduce their size.
  • Cleaning: Washing PET bottle chips to remove surface dirt, grease, and labeling. This can include multiple washing stages to ensure that the bottle flakes become clean.
  • Drying: Drying the washed PET pellets to remove any remaining moisture and ensure that they meet quality standards.
PET washing line

3D Video Of PET Bottle Washing Line

3D video of PET bottle recycling process

Main PET Bottle Recycling Machine

PET bottle label remover machine

PET bottle label remover: The first step of the PET bottle recycling line is usually to remove PVC labels. PET bottle label remover can detach the labels effectively, the de-labeling rate is up to 98%, with a high degree of automation, instead of removing labels manually.

plastic bottle shredder

Plastic bottle shredder machine: The machine is used to crush plastic bottles into bottle flakes for subsequent washing as well as recycling. The plastic bottle shredder machine is made of alloy steel for long service life and easy maintenance.

sink float separation tank

Plastic float sink tank: This equipment is used to separate PET bottle flakes from caps or labels. When in use the PET bottle flakes will sink and be transported to the next step through a screw at the bottom, while the labels or caps will float on the water surface.

PET bottle flakes hot washing machine

Hot washing tank: Hot wash tanks clean PET bottle flakes by means of high-temperature water with chemical detergents. It is more effective than cold washing, it can effectively remove the presence or absence as well as residual adhesive, etc.

PET friction washing machine

Plastic friction washer: There are many friction plates inside the machine to achieve a thorough washing effect by rubbing against the PET bottle flakes.

horizontal dryer

Horizontal dryer: This is the last key process in the PET bottle washing line, the machine is used to remove water from PET bottle flakes so that they meet quality standards.

PET Bottle Washing Line Successful Cases

Customized PET Plastic Recycling Machine Shipped To Nigeria

Our customized PET plastic recycling machine has been successfully shipped to Nigeria and we will continue to monitor the performance of the machine at the Nigerian plant.

PET Flakes Washing Line Sent to Congo

A customer from Congo has purchased a complete PET flakes washing line from Shuliy Machinery, which is now in operation locally.

PET Bottle Recycling Plant Shipped To Mozambique

Previously, a customer from Mozambique customized a PET bottle recycling plant at Shuliy Machinery, here is the delivery video.

1000kg/h PET Bottle Recycling Line Parameters

Below is the information about the parameters of some machines of PET bottle recycling plant, we also have many models and various outputs of machines. If you need it , please leave your information in the form on our website, and we will send you the machine details immediately.

NO.ItemTechnical data
1PET bottle label removerPower: 15kw+1.5kw
Diameter: 0.63m
Length: 4.3m
Weight: 2600kg
2Plastic bottle shredder machineHeight: 2.6m
Power: 37+4+3kw
Model: SL-80
Capacity: 1000kg/h
3Plastic float sink tankSeparate PET chips and PE bottle cap
Power: 3kw
4Hot washing tankPower: 60kw+4kw
Weight: 1.3
Height: 2m
1000kg/h PET bottle recycling line parameters

Best PET Bottle Washing Line Manufacturer

Are you looking for the best PET bottle washing line manufacturer? We are committed to providing high-quality pet bottle recycling machine suppliers to meet your needs. Our products meet industry standards and provide reliable solutions for plastic bottle recycling. If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer, we will be happy to provide you with professional services.