Good news! Shuliy Machinery successfully sent a PET bottle flake washing line to Nigeria. Shuliy Machinery entered into cooperation with this Nigerian customer on this project in August 2023, and after machine production and transport, it has now arrived at the customer’s factory.

This PET recycling line includes key equipment such as a label removing machine, conveyor belt, PET crushing machine, washing and sorting tank, PET bottle hot washing tank, friction washing machine, PET flakes dryer machine, and air separator. The departure of this equipment marks the arrival of more advanced technology and equipment support for the plastics recycling industry in Nigeria.

PET Bottle Flake Washing Line Video

PET Recycling Line Equipment Details

After receiving the order, we immediately put it into production and strictly controlled every production process to ensure the quality and efficiency of the PET bottle flake washing line. After the production was completed, we carried out comprehensive equipment testing and trial run work to ensure that the recycled plastic bottle machine received by the customer ran smoothly.

In order to enhance the customer’s understanding of the equipment, we also took photos of the equipment so that the customer could have a clear perception of the entire PET bottle flake washing line and answer any concerns and questions in a timely manner. Below are the detailed parameters of each equipment.

PET bottle label remover machine
PET bottle label remover machine

Label Removing Machine

  • Remove the label from the bottle
  • Power: 15kw+3kw
  • Size:4300* 1000* 1600mm
  • Weight: 2600kg

PET Crushing Machine

  • Crush the bottle into small chips
  • Model: SL-80
  • Power: 37+1.5kw
  • Capacity: 500kg/h(produce 10-12mm flakes)
  • Height: 2.6m
  • 14pcs knives( material 9CrSi)
PET crushing machine
PET crushing machine
PET flakes washing machine
washing and sorting tank

Washing And Sorting Tank

  • Power: 3kw
  • Separate PET chips and PE bottle cap
  • Size: 5000* 1000* 1000mm
  • Quantity: 2

PET Bottle Hot Washing Tank

  • Wash PET chips with hot water and a cleaning agent
  • Power: 4kw
  • Size: 1.3*2m
PET flakes hot washing machine
PET flakes hot washing machine
horizontal dryer and air sorter
horizontal dryer and air sorter

PET Flakes Dryer Machine

  • Dewatering for PET chips
  • Power: 15kw
  • Size: 2500*750mm

Air Separator

  • Diameter 0.8m, height 4.5m
  • Motor: 2.2kw*3
  • Auxiliary fan: 0.75*3

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine Shipment

Below is the delivery picture of the plastic bottle recycling machine purchased by the customer in Nigeria.