Shuliy’s plastic pelletizing line is an efficient solution for processing rigid plastics into recycled plastic pellets. The main equipment of this plastic waste recycling plant includes a plastic crusher, plastic washing machine, horizontal dryer, plastic granulator machine, and plastic granule cutter.

Through the precise combination of these individual machines, we realize an efficient plastic pellet production process designed to meet your production needs. The capacity of this plastic pelletizing line is 200kg/h-3000kg/h. Of course, we are also able to offer larger capacities according to your needs.

Rigid plastic recycling plant in operation

Raw Materials of Plastic Pelletizing Line

The plastic pelletizing line is specially designed for the recycling of rigid waste plastics such as plastic drums, waste plastic baskets, pipes, PP Disposable cups, food containers, electrical appliance housings, and Injection molded materials or products. This plastic waste is processed into recycled plastic pellets through a series of plastic pelletizing processes.

Finished Product-Plastic Granules

Plastic Pelletizing Process

1, Plastic Shredding: In the first step of the plastic waste recycling plant, the hard plastic raw materials (e.g. PE, PP, PVC, PS, PC, ABS, etc.) are first finely crushed through a plastic crusher. This step cuts down the large plastic material into small particles, ready for the next step of processing.

2, Washing and Impurity Removal: After crushing, the plastic flakes enter a plastic washing machine where they are washed and soaked to remove residual impurities and contaminants. This ensures that the final plastic pellets are of premium quality.

3, Drying: After being removed from the plastic washing machine, the plastic flakes are passed through a horizontal dryer to eliminate excess moisture, ensuring that the plastics are suitable for subsequent processing.

4, Plastic granulation: This is the central step of the plastic pelletizing line. Under the action of a plastic granulator machine, the plastic is subjected to high temperatures and pressures, gradually melts, and is extruded into long plastic strips through a die head. The size and shape of these granules can be adjusted to the customer’s needs.

5, Cooling: The newly manufactured plastic pellets are rapidly cooled in a cooling tank to maintain their stable shape and quality before being discharged.

6, Granule Cutting: Finally, the plastic pellets undergo cutting with a plastic granule cutter to achieve the desired pellet size.

3D Video Of Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

3D plastic pelletizing line workflow video

Plastic Pelletizing Line Machinery

Plastic crusher for crushing plastics

Plastic Crusher

The plastic crusher is used to crush PP, PE, PVC, PS, and other raw materials into plastic flakes, reduce the volume of materials, convenient for washing and granulation.

The screen of this plastic recycling machine can be adjusted in size according to the raw material, and it adopts alloy steel blades with a long service life.

plastic washing tank

Plastic Washing Machine

The plastic washing machine is made of stainless steel and is used to clean broken plastic flakes. As we can see, there are many toothed plates in the tank to rinse the plastic effectively and force the material to move like the other end.

Our standard rinsing tanks are 15-20m in size and are suitable for pelletizing capacities of 100-500kg/h. We can also customize longer rinsing tanks for larger capacities.

horizontal dryer

Horizontal Dryer

The horizontal dryer is specially used for dewatering and drying hard plastic flakes, which has a high dewatering rate and a high degree of automation.

plastic film granulator

Plastic Granulator Machine

The plastic granulator machine is the core equipment of the plastic pelletizing line, which is used to heat and melt the plastic after crushing, washing, and drying, and pull the strips for pelletizing.

This plastic recycling machine is reasonably designed and mainly consists of a feeding port, screw press, reducer, heating device, pressing chamber, discharge port, mold head, body, base, motor, and other parts. The production efficiency is high, and different models can be selected according to different production capacities.

cooling tank

Cooling Tank

The cooling tank is used to rapidly cool and solidify soft strips of plastic extruded from plastic granulator machines. The unit is made of stainless steel and is available in custom lengths.

pellet cutting machine

Plastic Granule Cutter

The plastic granule cutter is used to cut long strips of plastic into uniform-sized granules with adjustable cutting pitch.

The knives of this equipment are made of high-quality steel with high wear resistance, easy maintenance, and long service life.

FAQs of plastic waste recycling plant

Why Choose Plastic Pelletizing Line From Shuliy Machinery?

Shuliy Machinery specializing in the development and manufacture of plastic recycling equipment for many years, we provide efficient, stable, and reliable solutions to help our customers achieve their sustainable production goals.

Is It Possible To Handle Different Types of Plastic Materials?

Yes, our plastic pelletizing line is suitable for processing many types of plastic raw materials, including PE, PP, PVC, PS, PC, ABS, and so on.

What Is The Capacity of This Plastic Recycling Granulating Line?

Our standard plastic pelletizing lines range in capacity from 200kg/h to 2000kg/h. We support customized lines based on raw material quantities.

Does It Provide After-Sales Service?

Yes, we offer a worldwide after-sales service to meet our customers’ needs and ensure they have the best possible production experience.

Plastic Recycling Plant For Sale

Feedback On Plastic Recycling Granulating Line In Côte D’Ivoire

Feedback from customers in Côte d’Ivoire is that the plastic recycling granulating line is working well. The customer uses the machine to process waste HDPE bottles into high-quality plastic granules.

Hard PP PE Pelletizing Line Feedback
Rigid Plastic Recycling Plant Sent To Oman

Omani customer wants to recycle PP battery shells, so we customized the plastic recycling washing line for them. The machine has already been shipped to the Omani customer’s plastic recycling factory.

Plastic Waste Recycling Machinery Manufacturer

As a professional plastic waste recycling machinery manufacturer, we have been committed to providing efficient and reliable solutions to help our customers achieve the recycling and reuse of waste plastics.

If you have any questions about our products or need more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You can leave a message on our website and our team will be happy to provide you with professional support and personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.