The plastic washing tank, as an essential component within a plastic recycling washing plant, plays a pivotal role. Its primary function is to thoroughly clean post-shredded waste plastics, effectively removing dirt, sand, and other impurities adhering to the surface.

This plastic film washing machine is typically constructed from stainless steel or iron plates, offering various models to choose from according to customer requirements. Inside the tank, multiple stirring wheels are employed to compel plastic fragments to move forward, transferring materials from one end of the tank to the other, ensuring comprehensive washing.

plastic bag washing machine

Application of Plastic Washing Tank

The plastic scrap washing machine is indispensable in plastic recycling washing plants. It can be used in conjunction with an entire production line or operated independently. After rinsing, impurities such as dirt, sand, and paper dust are effectively separated from the waste plastics, achieving outstanding washing results.

The clean material after washing can be lifted out directly by the vertical plastic dewatering machine and can subsequently be further pelletized, the whole process is simple to operate, reliable, and has a long equipment life. In addition, we can also provide you with customized options with different specifications to meet different production needs.

plastic recycling washing machine
plastic recycling washing machine

Plastic film washing machine application video

Structure of Plastic Film Washing Machine

The main structure of the plastic washing tank is made of stainless steel or steel and is equipped with several mixing wheels, water tanks, and drainage ports inside. The mixing wheels tumble and clean the plastic pieces and transport them to the other end of the trough. The length of the machine can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs, ensuring perfect adaptation to different sizes of production lines.

Specification Of Plastic Washing Tank

BrandShuliy Machinery
Quantity of rotating wheel10
Applicable materialsPP PE HDPE LDPE PVC PS ABS
Distance between every two wheels1.5-2m
CustomizationSupport for customization
specification of plastic scrap washing machine

Recommended Vertical Plastic Dewatering Machine

To further enhance efficiency, we recommend pairing the plastic washing tank with a vertical plastic dewatering machine. Typically installed at the end of the plastic scrap washing machine, the vertical plastic dewatering machine can automatically extract and dry the cleaned materials, expediting subsequent processing steps. This combination not only improves production efficiency but also ensures the quality and dryness of the final product.