Shuliy’s vertical dryer is a specialized equipment for drying and dewatering washed plastics, which is usually used to extract plastic films, woven bags, and other materials from the PP PE plastic washing tank. So it is often used in PP PE film granulation lines, and other plastic recycling machines together to form an automatic production line.

Why Use A Vertical Dryer?

The quality of plastic pellets is directly affected by their moisture content. Plastic contains a large amount of moisture after washing, which reduces its quality and processability. The use of a vertical dewatering machine ensures that the plastic is dry and clean, resulting in the production of high-quality plastic pellets.

vertical dryer
vertical dryer

Working Video

Application of the plastic film dryer machine in plastic film recycling

Vertical Dewatering Machine Working Steps

The working step of a vertical dryer is relatively simple. The cleaned plastic enters the rotating centrifugal basket inside the plastic dryer through the feeding screw from the inlet. Under the action of the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation, the water is quickly separated out and discharged out of the machine, while the dried plastic is automatically discharged to the next processing stage.

Plastic Dryer Parameters

Our popular models are SL-500 and SL-600, with power of 7.7kw and 15kw respectively. we also have different specifications to choose from, which are suitable for different production needs.

Vertical Dewatering Machine Features

  • Efficient dewatering ensures dry plastic pellets.
  • Centrifugal dewatering principle, automatic discharge, easy to operate.
  • Different specifications are available for different scales of production needs.
  • Upright structure, small footprint, and wide applicability.

Related Plastic Film Recycling Machine

We usually use the vertical dryer in combination with the PP PE plastic washing tank and other related equipment. The vertical dewatering machine is located at the end of the washing tank and is closely matched to the plastic film washing machine to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.