The automatic feeding machine is specially designed for use in plastic recycling pellet machines to feed film, woven sacks, plastic bags, and other lighter plastic waste into the plastic granulator. The machine is suitable for different types of plastic materials and offers a reliable loading solution for the plastic recycling process.

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The Role of Forced Feeder

The main function of a forced feeder is to automatically feed plastic waste into a plastic recycling pellet machine, a process that is a key part of achieving efficient plastic recycling. It can help to increase production efficiency and reduce manual operations, while ensuring continuity and stability of material delivery, thus reducing production costs.

Advantages of Automatic Feeding Machine

The forced feeder offers multiple advantages in plastics recycling:

  • Increased productivity: The high degree of automation of the forced feeders the production process more efficient, reduces downtime, and increases production capacity.
  • Reduced Labour Costs: Reduces the need for manual handling, thus reducing labor costs.
  • This automatic feeding machine can increase plastic pellet production by 20-30% over manual feeding.
  • The machine can be matched with many types of plastic recycling pellet machines and is easy to install and dismantle.

Video Of Forced Feeder At Work