Shuliy’s EPE EPS foam granulating line is a comprehensive solution designed to recycle and process waste EPE and EPS foam materials. This plastic foam pelletizing line includes several key machines, each carefully designed to convert waste foam into valuable plastic pellets. Let’s dive into the specifics of each foam recycling machine to learn about the entire production process, structure, and benefits of the EPE EPS foam granulating line.

What Are EPE And EPS Foams?

EPE stands for Expanded Polyethylene Foam. It is a lightweight, flexible foam that is commonly used for packaging, protection, and insulation. EPE foam has excellent cushioning properties, so it is often used to package fragile items and as insulation in construction and engineering.

EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene. EPS foam is a hard but lightweight foam widely used in packaging, construction, and manufacturing. It is also known as white Styrofoam and is commonly used to make insulated cups, boxes, and insulation panels for building exteriors.

Final Plastic Pellets

The final product of the EPE EPS foam granulating line is foam granules. Foam granules are a versatile material that can be used for packaging materials such as glassware, electronic equipment, etc., filling materials, and insulation materials.

Plastic Pelletizing Process

The EPE EPS foam granulating line has two most important steps, which are crushing and granulation. Firstly the foam will enter the crushing device to reduce the volume, then the plastic foam granulator will melt the foam, pull the strips for granulation, and finally cut it into uniform small pellets.

EPE and EPS Pelletizing Process

EPE EPS Foam Granulating Line Equipment


EPS foam melting machine: The EPS hot melting machine crushes and heats the foam to melt it into blocks.

The capacity of this plastic recycling machine is 100-150kg/h, the motor power is 15kw, and the heating power is 3kw.

Eps foam compactor

Foam compactor: The foam compactor can crush the foam first and then extrude it into blocks to increase the density of the foam for easy storage and transport.

The plant is available in a wide range of models from 150kg/h to 250kg/h.


EPE styrofoam pelletizing machine: This plastic foam granulator is the key equipment of the plastic foam pelletizing line, it can heat and melt the foam, then extrude the long strip through the die head, which is easy to cut into small pellets.

The model of this plastic recycling machine is SL-160, the capacity is 150-200kg/hour, the power is 30kw, and it is heated by the heating ring.

cooling tank

Cooling tank: Used to cool and cure long strips of plastic, and then they enter the pellet cutting machine. The usual length is 3 meters, customer can customize it according to the actual situation.

pellet cutting machine

Pellet cutting machine: This plastic recycling machine is used to cut long strips of cooled plastic into plastic granules, the size of which can be adjusted according to requirements.

Two Types of Foam Compactors

Shuliy Machinery offers two types of foam compactors, vertical and horizontal. Foam compactors are great for recycling foam, which is large but light and takes up a lot of space. This equipment can compress the foam into blocks, which is easy to store and transport, saving cost. This foam compactor has a compression ratio of 40:1, a simple structure, and is easy to operate.

Plastic Foam Granulator

In this EPE EPS foam granulating line, there are two kinds of plastic foam granulators to choose from, EPE granulators and EPS granulators, customers can choose according to the raw materials.

Styrofoam Recycling Machine For Sale

As a professional foam recycling machine manufacturer, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable foam recycling solutions. Designed to process various types of foam, including EPS, EPE, and EPP, our machines can efficiently compress, melt, and regenerate waste foam into reusable materials. If you are interested in our EPE EPS foam granulating line or any plastic recycling machine, you can leave a message on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.