The foam crushing machine is a recycling machine designed primarily to crush EPS, EPE, and EPP foam materials into small pieces for further recycling, such as through extrusion granulation. Additionally, this EPS foam shredder can reduce the volume of plastic foam materials, making them more convenient for transportation. This equipment can be used with an EPS granulator to process waste EPS foam into granules.

What Are The Raw Materials of The Foam Crusher?

Our foam crushing machine is a piece of multi-functional equipment that can effectively crush all kinds of foam materials, including but not limited to disposable lunch boxes, thermal insulation boxes, foam inner liners of electronic products, foam filler materials, decorative foams, fruit net covers, etc.

waste plastic foam
waste plastic foam

Crushed Plastic Foam

The main finished product of the EPS foam shredder is crushed plastic foam. These small pieces of foam can be compacted into blocks by the EPS foam compactor soon, or processed into foam granules by the EPS foam granulator.

crushed foam
crushed foam

Structure And Process of Foam Crushing Machine

  • Inlet: Foam waste can be easily fed into the horizontal foam crusher through its inlet, which is level with the ground. This design allows for the direct and effortless insertion of materials, significantly enhancing convenience while reducing the need for manual labor.
  • Cutting room: In the cutting room, sharp blades cut the foam material into small pieces ready for the next step.
  • Motor and drive system: The motor and drive system provides the necessary power to ensure an efficient and stable cutting and shredding process.
  • Emission system: The crushed foam is conveyed to the next process.

Specifications of Horizontal Foam Crusher

  • Capacity (KG/H): 250-300
  • Overall size (mm): 1250*1290*660
  • Feed port size (mm): 800*600
  • Power (KW): 5.5
  • Capacity (KG/H): 300-350
  • Overall size (mm): 1250*1530*660
  • Feed port size (mm): 1000*600
  • Power (KW): 5.5
  • Capacity (KG/H): 450-500
  • Overall size (mm): 1600*2200*800
  • Feed port size (mm): 1500*800
  • Power (KW): 11

Working Video of Plastic Foam Crusher

EPE Foam Crushing

EPS Foam Shredder Display