EPS granulator is a machine used to process EPS foam material. EPS foam is a common plastic foam commonly used in packaging, building insulation, art, and decorative applications. The main function of the EPS pelletizing machine is to process waste EPS foam material into small pellets for recycling and reuse. The output of the machine ranges from 150kg/h to 375kg/h.

EPS granules making machine

EPS Foam Pelletizing Machine Working Video

EPS foam pelletizing process

Applications for EPS Pelletizing Machine

EPS granulator is suitable for a wide range of foam products made from EPS foam material. EPS foam is a high-quality material widely used in the field of packaging, which is often used as a cushioning package for all kinds of products, including household appliances, precision instruments, glassware, ceramics, and handicrafts.

In addition, fast food boxes, insulation boxes, and other common products are also widely manufactured with EPS materials. EPS granulator helps to convert these waste EPS foam products into useful recycled pellets.

Features of Plastic Foam Extruder

  • Efficient Recycling: This plastic foam extruder efficiently converts waste EPS foam material into useful recycled pellets, reducing waste and environmental burden.
  • Multiple applications: Pelletized EPS pellets can be used in a variety of applications including packaging, building insulation, art, and decoration.
  • Eco-friendly: The working process of the EPS granulator does not require the addition of chemicals, which reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Structure of EPS Granulator

The plastic foam extruder consists of a main machine, auxiliary machine, feed inlet, motor, mold head, grinder, barrel, screw, control cabinet, and heating device. One of the mold heads is a meshless mold head, which eliminates the need for a filter screen. Electromagnetic heating, fast heating speed.

EPS granulator structure

How Do You Pelletize Plastic Foam?

A complete plastic foam pelletizing line consists of a conveyor, foam crushing machine, EPS pelletizing machine, cooling tank, plastic granules cutter, storage bin, and so on. Shuliy Machinery provides the complete production line, if you want to know how to process foam into plastic pellets, welcome to consult us.

EPS pelletizing machine

Specifications of EPS Pelletizing Machine

  • Double reducer
  • Capacity (KG/H): 150-175
  • Main motor (KW): 15
  • Double reducer
  • Capacity (KG/H): 200-225
  • Main motor (KW): 18.5
  • Double reducer
  • Capacity (KG/H): 275-300
  • Main motor (KW): 18.5
  • Double reducer
  • Capacity (KG/H): 325-375
  • Main motor (KW): 22