The EPE foam granule machine is suitable for EPE pearl cotton foam waste material, which can be processed into granules. This machine has fast feeding speed, stable heating temperature, simple and reasonable design and operation, and high production efficiency. The quality of recycled granules is guaranteed.

Workflow for processing EPE foam into plastic pellets

What Is An EPE Granulator?

The EPE granulator is a machine specially designed to process EPE foam material, aiming to convert waste EPE material into useful recycled pellets. This EPE foam granule machine is suitable for a wide range of EPE foam materials including EPE foam boards, EPE foam rolls, EPE foam blocks, etc., with a wide range of applications. This plastic recycling machine is often used in EPE EPS foam granulating lines.

Applications for EPE Foam Granule Machine

EPE styrofoam pelletizing machine is used to process all kinds of waste foam, pearl cotton recycling, and granulation, such as cushioning, protection, packaging materials, thermal insulation materials, heat insulation materials, and protective pads.

EPE foam, also known as EPE pearl cotton, is a lightweight material and a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. Due to its recyclability and renewability, EPE foam is considered a relatively environmentally friendly foam material.

EPE foam
EPE foam

Composition of EPE Styrofoam Pelletizing Machine

EPE granulator consists of a power distribution cabinet, inlet, guard, vent, die head, cooling water tank, and so on.

EPE-foam-pelletizing-machine-structure picture
EPE foam pelletizing machine structure

Working Principle Of EPE Foam Recycling Machine

EPE foam enters from the inlet, is crushed into small pieces by the shredding device, and then enters the inside of the EPE foam recycling machine to be heated and melted, and then extrudes plastic strips from the die head. After cooling, the plastic strip enters the plastic pellet cutting machine to be cut into uniform granules.

plastic foam granulator
plastic foam granulator

Detailed Information on EPE Granulator

Plastic granulator manufacturerShuliy Machinery
ProductEPE Styrofoam Pelletizing Machine
Heating methodheating ring
Machine size3400*2100*1600mm
Raw materialsEPE foam
Final productsEPE pellets
Date of delivery20-25 working days
EPE foam granule machine specifications and details

Uses Of EPE Recycled Pellets

  • Making Pearl Cotton Products: EPE pearl cotton recycled pellets can be used to make a variety of pearl cotton products, such as pearl cotton packing boxes, thermal insulation materials, gaskets, sound insulation materials, and so on.
  • Making Floor Mats: EPE Pearl Cotton recycled pellets can also be used to make floor mats.
  • Making Toy Stuffers