Our sink float separation tank is a highly efficient piece of equipment commonly used in PET bottle recycling plants. Because it can separate PET bottle flakes from caps or labels made of PP or PE. At the same time, the equipment can also be PET bottle flakes further washing, and the washing effect is remarkable.

This article is a detailed introduction to this PET flakes washing machine, including its function, working principle, application, and so on. Please read on, if you are interested or have any questions, please leave your message on our website.

This video shows the application of the sink float separation tank in a PET bottle recycling plant.

Working Principle Of Sink Float Separation Tank

The sink float plastic separation uses water as a medium to separate PET bottle flakes from PP PE caps or labels according to density. When PET bottle flakes enter the separation tank, PET plastics with a density greater than water will sink, while PP and PE will float on the water surface. The PET flakes washing machine is designed with a screw at the bottom to convey PET bottle flakes forward.

Features Of PET Flakes Washing Machine

  • The sink float plastic separation separates plastics from other impurities and separates PET from PP PE.
  • The equipment is available in both single and twin screws with high production efficiency.
  • This plastic washing machine has a wide range of applications, not only for PET recycling but also for the separation of other plastics from impurities.

Why Do You Need A Sink Float Plastic Separation?

The sink float separation tank plays a key role in the PET bottle recycling plant, which can realize the effective separation of PET bottle flakes and PP PE bottle caps or labels, and improve the cleaning effect. This helps to ensure that the recovered PET material meets quality standards for reprocessing.

In addition to this, there is the question of how many sink float plastic separations are usually required to be installed in a plastic bottle washing line. This depends on the degree of contamination of the plastic and the specific needs of the customer. Generally, this equipment is installed after the automatic plastic bottle crusher and is mainly used to separate the caps and residual labels from the PET bottle flakes. If you have higher demands on the quality of the final product, you may also consider installing one or two sink float separation tanks before the plastic dryer. Such an arrangement can further improve the efficiency of the production line and the quality of the product.

Video of Sink Float Separation Tank