Plastic bottle shredder is designed to process waste PET plastic bottles, including mineral water bottles, juice drink bottles, cola bottles, oil bottles, etc. It is also suitable for shampoo bottles, milk bottles, detergent bottles, and other plastic bottles made of PET. The PET bottle recycling machine has seen a durable, long life, often with other equipment supporting the application of the PET bottle washing line.

The capacity of this plastic bottle crusher is 500kg/h-3000kg/h, we have a variety of models and production capacities for you to choose, welcome to contact us for equipment details.

The Application of PET Bottle Shredder in PET Recycling

Instruction of Plastic Bottle Crusher

Plastic bottle crusher is also known as bottle crusher machine, PET bottle crushing machine, and so on. It is a very important machine in the PET bottle washing line, which is used to crush PET bottles into uniform-size flakes for subsequent washing and recycling.

Shuliy Machinery’s plastic bottle shredder is automatic feeding, easy to operate, and has less dust and low noise during operation.

Raw Materials And Final Products

The main raw material of the plastic bottle shredder is discarded PET plastic bottles, including mineral water bottles, juice drink bottles, cola bottles, oil bottles, and so on. Through an efficient crushing process, these plastic bottles are converted into PET flakes, which can be used to regenerate and manufacture a wide range of plastic products, such as recycled fibers, packaging materials, etc., thus reducing the demand for new plastics and promoting sustainable recycling.

Structures of Plastic Bottle Shredder

The PET bottle crushing machine has a sturdy construction, works smoothly, and offers excellent durability. Its main components include a feed hopper, a crushing chamber with fixed blades, a rotor with rotating blades, a drive motor, a mechanism for easy opening of the hopper and screen change, a safety switch, and a solid frame. When the plastic bottle shredder is running, PET bottles are cut by the angle formed by the fixed knife and the moving knife.

Video of PET Bottle Crushing Machine

working video of PET bottle crushing machine

Detailed Information On Plastic Bottle Crusher

Below is some parameter information of the PET bottle shredder, if you want to know more about this machine or have any questions, you can leave a message in the form on our website, and we will send you the machine details and answer your questions.

TypeSL-60, SL-80, SL-100, SL-120
WeightAccording to Crusher Type
Motor Power22-90kw
Number of bladesAccording to Crusher Type
Machine qualityStainless Steel / Carbon Steel
Screen size14-18mm
BladeSKD11 / D2 / 9crsi
BrandShuliy Machinery
Important parameters of the PET bottle shredder

PET Crushing Machine For Sale

PET bottle shredder
PET Bottle Shredder Sent To Nigeria

Our PET bottle washing plant was sent to our customer’s factory in Nigeria some time ago, including a PET bottle shredder, PET bottle label removing machine, PET flakes hot washing machine, and so on.

Plastic Bottle Crusher Sent To Saudi Arabia

The plastic bottle crusher is sold to Saudi Arabia. We customized a complete PET flakes washing line with a production capacity of 1000kg/h.

plastic bottle crusher

Maintenance of Plastic Bottle Shredder

To prolong the service life of the blades and improve the working efficiency, the plastic bottle crusher blades are sharpened once after 2-3 days of work or once after 20 tonnes of work. The service life of one set of blades is 3 to 4 months. Shuliy Machinery can equip the blade sharpening machine according to your requirements.

PET Bottle Crushing Machine Price

Our PET bottle crusher is affordable and excels in performance and reliability. By choosing our equipment, you will be able to process PET bottle waste efficiently. If you have any questions about the performance, price, or other aspects of our products, our team will be happy to provide you with detailed information.