Good news! We have entered into a cooperation with a Saudi Arabian customer for a PET hot washing line project. The customer has a large quantity of waste PET bottles and urgently needs a line to process them efficiently. Through in-depth communication, we recommended one of Shuliy’s excellent products, the plastic bottle hot washing line, to provide a powerful line with a processing capacity of 1000kg/h.

Equipment Composition of PET Hot Washing Line

To meet the customer’s needs, we recommended a comprehensive and efficient plastic bottle hot washing line for PET bottles. The line includes:

  • Plastic bottle label remover: For efficient removal of labels from PET bottles with reduced PVC content.
  • PET bottle shredder machine: The waste PET bottles are quickly shredded to make the groundwork for subsequent washing.
  • Washing and sorting tank: The design of the three washing and sorting tanks allows for more adequate washing and ensures that the raw material is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Hot washing tank: Two hot washing tanks further remove residual contamination and ensure the quality of the recovered PET bottle flakes.
  • Friction washing machine: The two machines remove stubborn stains from surfaces by friction.
  • Plastic chips dryer machine: Ensure that the treated PET bottle flakes are dry for subsequent packaging and transport.

Plastic Bottle Hot Washing Line Video

PET Recycling Machine Specifications

Plastic bottle label removerPower: 15kw+3kw+1.5kw
Length: 4300mm
Diameter: 630mm
PET bottle shredder machineModel: SL-80
Power :37kw +1.5kw+1.5kw
Size: 150015002600mm
Crusher: 14pcs( material 9Cr Si)
length: 2500m
diameter: 350mm
Washing and sorting tankPower: 3kw
Hot washing tankPower: 7.5kw
Friction washing machinePower: 15kw
Size: 2500*750mm

PET Hot Washing Line Shipment

After signing the contract with the customer, Shuliy Machinery started production immediately. Our high standard and efficient working attitude ensured the on-time delivery of the equipment. Throughout the production process, we not only pay attention to the quality of the equipment but also guarantee the stability of the PET hot washing line, providing customers with reliable solutions. Below are the pictures of the PET recycling machine sent to Saudi Arabia.