PET bottle label remover machine, also known as plastic bottle label remover, is a kind of equipment specially used to strip the label paper from PET bottles. It is an indispensable piece of equipment for PET bottle recycling lines, which can remove more than 98% of labels.

working video of PET bottle label remover machine

Applications for Label Removing Machine

The main purpose of the plastic bottle label remover is to separate PET bottles and the labels on them to reduce the PVC content in PET bottle flakes and thus improve the quality of the final product. Compared with the traditional method of tearing the labels manually, this equipment greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor at the same time. It is widely used in the pre-treatment of PET bottle washing lines before crushing.

Final Effect of Plastic Bottle Label Remover

PET bottles without labels

Features of PET Bottle Label Remover Machine

  • Efficient separation: 98%-99% for round bottles and 85%-90% for flattened bottles.
  • Sharp alloy knives are used to ensure long time wear resistance.
  • Automated production: reducing manual intervention and increasing efficiency.
  • Enhancement of quality: Reduction of PVC content and improvement of product quality.

Structure And Working Principle

The main components of the PET bottle label remover machine include the spindle, the moving knife on the spindle, the fixed knife on the cylinder wall of the label remover, and the fan.

As the PET bottle enters the inlet, the sharp carbide blade creates scratches on the bottle’s label. Then the spindle rotates with the screw and conveys the bottles to the discharge port, at which time the toothed knives on the blades peel off the labels. PET bottles and labels are then automatically separated using a blower.

Models And Specifications

BrandShuliy Machinery
Applicable raw materialsPET bottles
Main power11kw
The rate of removing the label98%
CustomizationSupport customization
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Successful Cases Of PET Label Remover Machine

PET bottle label remover machine
PET Recycling Plant Sent To Nigeria

Nigerian customers ordered a complete PET recycling plant, including a PET label remover machine, PET bottle crushing machine, PET bottle washing machine, and so on.

Label Remover Machine Delivered To Mozambique

The customer in Mozambique received our PET bottle recycling machine.

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PET Bottle Recycling Machine For Sale

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