The friction washer from Shuliy Machinery is an efficient plastic washing machine designed for cleaning plastic chips. Featuring high friction, this machine effectively cleans away impurities from plastic chips. This friction washing machine is often used in PET flakes washing lines.

Application of Friction Washer

Our friction washing machine is widely used for washing and removing all kinds of plastic fragments, especially for PET flakes washing lines. It can effectively remove the stains and impurities on the surface of plastic chips and improve the quality of recycled plastic.

Structures of Friction Washing Machine

The structure of the plastic bottle washing machine from Shuliy Machinery is simple and clear, including the main shaft, main machine, motor, machine base, water inlet, water outlet, and other components. Inside the plastic recycling machine, there is a friction plate, which is designed to remove the dirt on the surface of plastic pieces by mechanical friction.

How Does A Friction Washer Work?

The working principle of the friction washing machine is simple and efficient. There are many friction plates in the barrel wall of the machine, and the screw in the main shaft rotates at high speed, driving the friction plates to produce strong friction, and removing the stains attached to the bottle pieces. This process quickly strips away all types of stains from the surface of the plastic pieces, ensuring a thorough cleaning effect. Friction washers are generally tilted 45 degrees for better cleaning and drainage.

Features of Plastic Bottle Washing Machine

Friction washing machines are able to efficiently clean stains, oil, impurities and lye brought out of PET bottle flakes hot washing machine from the surface of the material with their powerful friction and mechanical action.

Friction washers usually have a robust construction and a small number of worn parts, resulting in relatively low maintenance costs. In addition to this, we also offer a customized service.


ItemFriction Washing Machine
BrandShuliy Machinery
Washing tube diameter0.4m
ApplicationPET bottle flakes
friction washing machine specifications

Successful Cases Of Plastic Friction Washer

Recently, a Nigerian customer ordered a plastic friction washer from our company and it has been dispatched. This machine is customized according to the customer’s special requirements, with a loading point height of 2.4 meters and a discharge point height of 3.4 meters, and can be perfectly integrated into the customer’s production line.

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