Recently, a Nigerian customer ordered a friction washer plastic designed for cleaning PET bottle flakes from our company. We provided a carefully customized solution to ensure that the size and appearance of the machine perfectly met the customer’s expectations.

Customer Needs And Customized Design

The needs of our customers are our biggest concern. Through in-depth communication with our customers, we learned that they have unique requirements for the size and appearance of the machine. Taking into account the actual conditions of the customer’s workplace, our team of engineers ensured that the friction cleaner produced was a perfect match for the customer’s expectations through careful design and adjustment.

Features Of This Friction Washer Plastic

  • Customized dimensions: Machine dimensions are precisely tailored to the customer’s site space, ensuring that the equipment seamlessly adapts to the customer’s working environment.
  • Appearance design: The appearance is designed according to the customer’s requirements, the main body shell is dark grey and the stand legs are red.
  • Efficient Cleaning: The friction washer plastic is equipped with an advanced cleaning system to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning of PET bottle flakes and improve the overall cleaning effect.
friction washer plastic

Production And Shipping

Through close cooperation, we completed the production and quality inspection of the friction washer plastic. While ensuring that the equipment meets the technical standards, we have adopted safe and reliable logistics to ensure that the machines are delivered smoothly to our customers in Nigeria. At present, the machine has been successfully shipped, and we still keep close contact with the customer to provide timely technical support and solutions to ensure that the machine achieves the best performance in use.

Friction Washer Plastic Parameters

ItemPlastic Recycled Friction Washer
Input voltage15V 50HZ 3-phase
Effective length3m
Loading point height2.4m
Discharge point height3.4m
Plastic Recycled Friction Washer Parameters