With the current urgent need for plastic recycling, our company – Shuliy Machinery is proud to be the partner of many recycle plastic plants in Nigeria, providing comprehensive plastic recycling solutions. Whether it is PET bottle recycling, or plastic granulation and crushing, we are always committed to providing viable and efficient solutions for our customers.

Multiple Solutions

PET Bottle Recycling Solutions

Our customized solutions include plastic PET bottle recycling machines which are designed to meet the needs of our Nigerian customers in the huge PET bottle market. Through an efficient washing process, we ensure that waste PET bottles are effectively recycled and resources are reused.

Plastic Granulation Solutions

Faced with the challenge of recycling a wide range of plastics, we offer specialized pelletizing solutions. With efficient plastic granulation equipment, we transform waste plastics into pellets that can be used for reproduction, providing our customers with a sustainable source of raw materials.

Plastic Shredding Solutions

We also provide plastic shredding solutions to our customers in Nigeria, whereby waste plastics can be shredded into plastic chips for subsequent disposal through efficient plastic recycling shredder machines.

Successful Cases Of Recycle Plastic Plants

In past projects, we have worked with many recycle plastic plants in Nigeria, providing them with successful solutions. The customers’ productivity has been significantly improved thanks to our professional and reliable equipment.

Customer Trust

Shuliy Machinery has earned the trust of our customers in Nigeria with its superior technology and reliable products. We are confident that we can meet the unique needs of different factories through our professional customized solutions, helping them to process waste plastics more efficiently. We will continue to work with recycle plastic plants in Nigeria to provide more advanced and efficient solutions to promote the effective recycling of plastic resources and create more value for the factories.