Recently, we are pleased to announce that a customer from Nigeria has ordered plastic bottle recycling machines from our company. This customized recycling machine consists of a plastic bottle label remover, a PET bottle shredder, two plastic float sink tanks, a PET flakes hot washing machine, a friction washer plastic recycling, a PET flakes dryer machine, and several conveyors. After production and trial runs, these machines are now ready to be shipped to Nigeria.

Providing Solutions for Nigerian Clients

As a professional PET bottle recycling machine manufacturer, we have been committed to providing customers with the best quality solutions. We have understood the needs of this Nigerian customer in detail and customized the solution for the customer, and we believe that our plastic bottle recycling machine can satisfy the customer.

After careful manufacturing and rigorous testing, this plastic bottle recycling machine has successfully passed the trial stage. Now, we have made preparations to ship it to Nigeria to ensure that the machine can arrive at its destination safely and efficiently.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine Parameters

Below are the parameters of the equipment ordered by the Nigerian customer for reference.

Climbing conveyorPower: 3kw
Length: 4000mm
Width: 600mm
Plastic bottle label removerRemove the label from the bottle
Power: 15kw+3kw
PET bottle shredderCrush the bottle into small chips
Model: SL-60
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 500kg/h
Size: 1100*1400*1600mm
Crusher: 10pcs( material 9Cr Si)
Screw conveyorConveying PET bottle flakes to the next process
Power: 3 kW
Length: 3500mm
Plastic float sink tankSeparate PET chips and PE bottle cap
Power: 3kw
Size: 5000*1000*1000mm
PET flakes hot washing machineWash PET chips with hot water and cleaning agent
Power: 4kw
Friction washer plastic recyclingPower: 5.5kw
PET flakes dryer machineDewatering for PET chips
Power: 15kw
Size: 2500*750mm
parameters of the plastic bottle recycling machines ordered by the Nigerian customer