Plastic dewatering machines play a vital role in the plastic pelletizing process. They can effectively remove water from plastic feedstock and provide dry feedstock for pelletizing, thus improving pelletizing efficiency and product quality. However, the needs and roles of dewatering machines vary for different types of plastic feedstocks.

Performance Of Plastic Dewatering Machine

Our centrifugal dryer dewatering machines are categorized into vertical plastic dewatering machines and horizontal dewatering machines, which play different roles in handling different types of plastics. Next, let’s take a closer look at their features and application scenarios.

Dewatering Of Plastic Film

Soft materials can carry a certain amount of moisture during the granulation process, due to the special nature of the film material.

  • Water Acceptable: The membrane material itself is loosely structured and is more tolerant of moisture, so it can be pelletized with moisture.
  • Role of vertical plastic dewatering machine: Through the plastic film dryer machine, the excess water on the surface of the film material can be effectively removed to make it suitable for granulation.
  • Elimination of horizontal dewatering machine: Due to the film material’s inherent ability to withstand moisture, it is usually possible to eliminate the horizontal dewatering machine, simplifying the pelletizing process and improving production efficiency.
Moisture Treatment Of Hard Materials

In contrast, moisture handling of hard materials is relatively complex for the following reasons:

  • Moisture affects the effect of granulation: the tolerance of hard materials to moisture is low, and high moisture content will affect the effect of granulation, making the quality of particles decline.
  • Processing through a centrifugal dryer dewatering machine: To ensure the quality and efficiency of pelletizing, hard materials are usually processed through a vertical plastic dewatering machine and a horizontal dewatering machine to remove the water completely.
  • The necessity of a horizontal dewatering machine: A horizontal dewatering machine can dehydrate hard materials more thoroughly, ensure the complete exclusion of water in the pelletizing process, and improve the quality and stability of pellets.

Importance Of Centrifugal Dryer Dewatering Machine

As important equipment in the plastic granulation process, the selection and use of a plastic dewatering machine directly affect the granulation effect and product quality. Using a suitable dewatering machine according to different types of plastic materials can not only improve production efficiency but also ensure the quality and stability of particles. Therefore, fully understanding and utilizing the role of centrifugal dryer dewatering machines in plastic granulation production will help improve production efficiency and economic benefits.