The plastic recycling pellet machine is the key equipment in the process of plastic recycling, and the selection of its die head has an important impact on the granulation effect and production efficiency. In the extruder for plastic recycling, the common die head has an electric gear die head, hydraulic die head, and no screen slagging die head three. Next, we will discuss their characteristics and applications one by one.

Plastic Recycling Pellet Machine Die Head Introduction

Electric Gear Die Heads

The electric gear die head is a common die head, the pelletizer machine plastic die head structure is simple, easy to operate, and suitable for small-scale plastic granule production. This die is more suitable for handling hard materials than film materials. The screen change for this die head requires the door to be opened for the change.

electric gear die head
Hydraulic Die Head

Plastic recycling pellet machine hydraulic die head is the most chosen type of die head by our customers. Its working principle is driven by a hydraulic system, which applies high pressure to the plastic material to form finished products in granule form after heating, compression, and extrusion. Compared to the electric gear die head, the production process of the hydraulic die head is more stable, and the shape and particle size of the finished pellet are more uniform. The hydraulic double die head can achieve no downtime for screen change, which is more suitable for processing film material.

granulator plastic recycling
Screenless Slagging Die Head

The screenless slag discharge die head is an advanced plastic recycling pellet machine die head, which is characterized by its screenless design, whereby the impurities and impurities remaining in the plastic material are discharged through a special slag discharge device, thus guaranteeing the purity and quality of the finished granules.

The price of this die head is slightly higher than the other two, and it is suitable for dirtier materials. Although the cost of the screenless slagging die head is relatively high, the quality of the finished pellets it produces is excellent and highly competitive in the market.

meshless slagging die head


Pelletizer machine plastic plays an important role in plastic waste treatment and resource reuse, and the die head, as one of its core components, directly affects the quality of finished pellets and production efficiency.

This article introduces three common die heads of plastic recycling pellet machines: electric gear die head, hydraulic die head and screenless slag discharge die head, and analyses their characteristics and applicable scenarios. Choosing the suitable die head can effectively improve the production efficiency of extruder for plastic recycling and the quality of finished granules, providing more reliable technical support for the treatment of plastic waste and resource reuse.