A feeding conveyor belt is a mechanical device used for transferring materials from one location to another. It can quickly and efficiently feed or convey various plastics and is widely used in the field of plastic recycling.

Function of Belt Climbing Conveyor

In plastic waste recycling plants, belt climbing conveyors play a crucial role. They are employed to transfer recycled plastic materials from one processing point to another. For example, it is conveyed from the sorting link to the plastic shredder, and the crushed plastic is then conveyed to the pelletizing machine.

Iron Removal Device

The feeding conveyor belt is usually also equipped with an iron removal device, which serves to remove metallic impurities that may be mixed in with the recycled plastic. This ensures that the quality of the recycled plastic pellets in the production line is up to standard and avoids damage to the equipment.

Working Video of Feeding Conveyor Belt

Why Do Plastic Recycling Washing Lines Need Conveyors?

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Inclined belt conveyors can transport large volumes of plastic materials quickly and continuously, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the entire cleaning and recycling process.
  • Reduction in Labor Costs: Compared to manual material handling, Inclined belt conveyors reduce the demand for labor, consequently lowering production costs.
  • Minimized Material Loss: By precisely controlling the conveyance speed and direction, belt climbing conveyors minimize material loss and waste.