The trommel for PET bottles is used in the pre-processing stage of the plastic bottle recycling line, it can remove sand, stone, metal, and other impurities in the bottle, so as to play a role in protecting the plastic recycling machine, but also conducive to the quality of the final product.

Structure of PET Bottle Trommel Machine

The trommel for PET bottles mainly consists of a motor, drum device, reducer, frame, and inlet, outlet.

trommel for PET bottles
trommel for PET bottles

Working Principle of Trommel Machine

The drum unit is slightly tilted on the frame, when the PET bottle enters the drum unit, the material on the screen surface turns and rolls due to the tilting and rotation of the drum unit. In this process, stones, metals, and other debris are sieved out through the screen, and PET bottles are discharged from the discharge port at the end of the trommel machine.

Application in Plastic Bottle Recycling Line

Features of Trommel for PET Bottles

  • The screening effect is good and the sieve holes are not easy to be clogged.
  • Easy to control and operate.
  • Smooth running and low noise.
  • According to the user’s actual needs, can be customized to various specifications and models of the tumbler screen.