The PVC granulation line is a kind of production line equipment for producing PVC granules, which includes crushing, cleaning, melting granulation, cutting granules, and so on. In this article, we will discuss the working principle of the PVC pelletizing extrusion line and its advantages in production.

Workflow Of The PVC Granulation Line

A PVC pelletizing extrusion line usually consists of the following parts:

  • Crushing: Preliminary crushing of the PVC raw material to make it easier for subsequent cleaning and granulation.
  • Washing: Cleaning of crushed PVC granules to remove impurities and dirt and to ensure the quality of the granules.
  • Melting granulation: The cleaned PVC granules are fed into the plastic pellet extruder machine, after high-temperature melting, the molten PVC is extruded into granules through the extruder.
  • Cutting: The extruded PVC pellets are cut by the cutting equipment to get the required pellet size.

Advantages Of PVC Pelletizing Extrusion Line

  • Production of high-quality PVC granules: PVC granulation lines can produce high-quality PVC granules to meet the production needs of various PVC products.
  • Flexible adjustment of the production process: The production process can be adjusted according to the different raw materials to achieve a variety of different types of PVC granule production.
  • Automation of production processes: Highly automated production processes increase productivity and product quality.
  • Stable quality of pellets: The PVC pellets produced are uniform in size and stable in quality, meeting the requirements of customers.
  • Compact equipment structure: The equipment has a compact structure, a small footprint, convenient installation and maintenance, and saves production space and costs.
PVC granulation line

The PVC granulation line, as a key equipment for producing high-quality PVC granules, plays an important role in the production of plastic products. Its flexible production process adjustment ability, highly automated production process, and stable particle quality make PVC granulation lines an indispensable tool for plastic product production enterprises.