Plastic recycling production lines are a key part of the process of reprocessing waste plastics into reusable raw materials. In this process, a variety of equipment is needed to complete the handling and processing of each link.

Plastic Recycling Crusher Machine

The plastic recycling crusher machine is one of the key pieces of equipment in the plastic recycling production line. It is capable of crushing waste plastic products such as plastic bottles, plastic containers, etc., using high-speed rotating blades, crushing them into small particles for subsequent processing.

We offer plastic recycling crusher machines specializing in soft plastics, hard plastics, and PET bottles, and can provide the most suitable equipment according to the customer’s raw materials, production capacity, or other needs, or can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Plastic Scrap Washing Machine

The plastic scrap washing machine is also one of the essential pieces of equipment in the plastic recycling production line. Plastic pellets after being processed by a plastic waste shredder machine may be adhered to by pollutants or impurities, so they need to be cleaned and processed. Plastic washing machine removes the dirt and impurities from the surface of plastic granules by rinsing, hot washing, or friction washing to improve the quality and reusability of the plastic.

Waste Plastic Granulator

The last key piece of equipment is the waste plastic granulator. Plastic granules making machines take cleaned plastic pellets and further process them, through processes such as heating, melting, and extruding, to plasticize the pellets into granular materials so that they can be used again to make new plastic products. Our waste plastic granulator is the hottest selling product, which has been exported to many countries and is running well. If you need to, you can contact us.

In the plastic recycling production line, plastic recycling crusher machines, plastic scrap washing machines, and waste plastic granulators are indispensable key equipment. Their reasonable use can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of plastic recycling, and realize the effective use of waste plastic.