The PET flakes washing line process plays a vital role in the recycling of waste plastic bottles. Understanding the fine-washing process of PET bottles is critical to producing high-quality recycled PET flakes. Let’s take an in-depth look at the key steps in the PET flakes washing line process and exactly how each step works in a PET bottle recycling machine.

PET Flakes Washing Line Process

Step 1: Label Removing Machine

Waste plastic bottles first enter the label removing machine, which quickly and completely removes the labels from the bottles, reducing the PVC content in the PET bottle flakes and improving the quality of the final product.

Step 2: PET Bottle Shredder

PET bottles after treatment by the label removing machine enter the PET bottle shredder, where the plastic bottles are thoroughly crushed into flakes, laying the foundation for subsequent cleaning treatment.

Step 3: Washing And Sorting Tank

The crushed PET flakes enter the washing and sorting tank. While washing, the machine can effectively separate the flakes from the caps to ensure that the impurities are removed as much as possible.

Step 4: Hot Washed PET Flakes Machine

Subsequently, the PET flake enters the hot washed PET flakes machine, and under the action of high temperature, the hard-to-remove stickies, oils, and other impurities are effectively removed. This process can add chemicals in the right amount to help clean.

Step 5: Plastic Friction Washing Machine

Immediately after that, the PET flakes enter the friction washing machine, which uses friction to thoroughly scrub the PET bottle flakes to ensure that their surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and residual stains and tiny impurities are removed.

Step 6: Centrifugal Dryer Dewatering Machine

In the final step in the PET flakes washing line, PET flakes are dewatered and dried in a centrifugal dryer dewatering machine to remove excess moisture and provide a clean, dry base for subsequent processing and regeneration.

3D Video of pET Flakes Washing Process

Through this delicate PET flakes washing line process, waste PET bottles are efficiently and thoroughly converted into clean recycled PET flakes. Each step is carried out under the precise operation of the recycling machine, ensuring that the quality of the PET flakes meets the standard requirements of the recycling process. If you are planning to set up a PET bottle washing plant, welcome to contact Shuliy Machinery, we will provide you with the most suitable solution.