Recently, a PET bottles crushing recycling line was installed in Nigeria. During this installation, our professional technical team assisted on-site to ensure the smooth installation and operation of the PET washing line.

Working With Nigerian Customers

Nigeria intends to set up a local PET bottle recycling plant, and its raw material is a large number of unlabelled PET bottles, which the customer wants to process into clean PET bottle flakes. After understanding the customer’s needs, our sales manager negotiated a solution with the customer. In the end, they purchased a PET bottle shredder, a PET bottle flakes washing machine, some screw conveyors, and a horizontal dryer. Currently, these PET bottle recycling machines have been successfully installed and run in the customer’s factory.

Raw materials for Nigerian customers

PET Washing Line Installation Site

Shuliy Machinery’s engineers traveled to the customer’s PET bottle recycling plant to assist with the installation on-site to ensure that the PET bottles crushing recycling line could operate successfully. Here are some pictures of the installation site.

PET Bottles Crushing Recycling Line Operation

The PET washing line has been installed and is already in production. Customers are very satisfied with the quality of PET bottle flakes produced.

PET Bottle Recycling Machine Installation Video