Shuliy Machinery, a leading PET bottle recycling machines manufacturer in China, recently shipped a PET bottle recycling line to a customer’s plant in Mozambique. The line is used to recycle waste plastic bottles into clean PET flakes for sale or reuse.

The PET bottle recycling machine, including a de-labeling machine, conveyor belt, plastic bottle crusher machine, PP PE separating tank, PET bottle hot washing tank, friction washing machine, and other equipment, has been successfully shipped to Mozambique, and we hope to achieve good operation results there.

What Are The Needs Of Mozambican Customers?

The customer in Mozambique is involved in the plastics recycling industry and has its own local factory. This time, they are looking for a PET bottle recycling line to expand their business and production scale.

In order to achieve their goals, our client invested in Shuliy’s PET bottle washing recycling line. Our standard PET bottle recycling lines, with capacities ranging from 500 kg/hour to a larger 6000 kg/hour, are perfectly suited to our customers’ needs.

PET Bottle Recycling Line To Mozambique

The video below shows the PET bottle recycling machine sent to Mozambique, the appearance of the machine is designed according to the customer’s requirements. Before shipment, we will test the machine to make sure the machine can run successfully after the customer receives it.

PET Bottle Washing Recycling Line Shipment

After the order is confirmed, we start to prepare the machine for shipment. The machine has now been dispatched to Mozambique and we look forward to feedback from our customers.