PET label remover machine is a kind of equipment specially used to strip the label paper from PET bottles. It is the key auxiliary equipment before PET bottle material crushing and further washing process. The automated stripping process effectively reduces the labor intensity of manual operation.

PET label remover machine

Function And Working Principle

Key Role: The PET label remover machine effectively separates PET bottles and labels through a fast and efficient stripping process, ensuring the surface of recycled PET bottles is clean and tidy, and providing ideal raw materials for subsequent re-processing.

Working Principle: The blades on the spindle and the fixed knife work in concert to cut off the labels from the PET bottles. Subsequently, the airflow generated by the fan blows the peeled labels away from the PET bottles, thus achieving the effect of complete label removal.

Working Video of PET Label Remover Machine

Plastic Bottle Label Removing Machine Strength

  • Improved recycling efficiency: Quick peel-off labeling makes the handling of recycled PET bottles more efficient.
  • Optimize the quality of recycling: effectively reduce the content of PVC in PET flakes and improve the quality of recycled PET bottle flakes.
  • Automated processing: Plastic bottle label removing machine can automatically peel off labels from plastic bottles, replacing manual operation and effectively improving production efficiency.