In the production process of plastic recycling granulation, the die head screen of the granulator for plastics plays a crucial role. In this article, we will discuss the critical role of the mold head screen in depth. At the same time, we will look at the service life and timing of die head screen replacement, and provide steps and tips for doing so. Finally, we will discuss the wear and tear of screens on different plastic types and provide screen replacement strategies for different plastic characteristics.

granulator for plastics
granulator for plastics

Key Role Of Granulator For Plastics Die Head Screens

A granulator for plastics die head is used to transform a plastic material into a specific shape of granules by heating, extruding, and shaping it. The apertures and structures designed inside the die head directly affect the shape and size of the pellets. In plastic granule machines, machine head screens act as critical filters. They not only block impurities and insolubles but also regulate the size and shape of the pellets, directly influencing the quality and efficiency of the final pellets.

Lifespan And Timing For Replacement

The head screens lifespan of granulator for plastics gradually decreases with increasing operational time. Timely replacement is crucial to prevent wear and tear from negatively impacting particle quality and equipment performance. Practical advice involves regularly inspecting the screen’s condition and devising a replacement plan based on production conditions to ensure the continuous, efficient operation of the equipment.

Steps And Operational Techniques For Replacement

  • Remove the Old Screen: Carefully take off the worn-out screen, ensuring other parts of the machine head remain undamaged.
  • Clean the Machine Head Channels: After removing the screen, meticulously clean the channels of the machine head. Ensure all residues are cleared to facilitate the proper installation of the new screen.
  • Install the New Screen: Gently install the new screen onto the machine head, ensuring alignment with the machine holes for even particle formation. Be cautious during installation to avoid damaging the new screen.
  • Calibration and Testing: After replacing the screen, calibrate and test the machine head. Ensure that the replacement does not adversely affect the normal working state of the machine head.
Video of granulator for plastics screen change for Saudi customer

Replacement Strategies For Different Plastic Types

Different plastic types exhibit varying degrees of wear on screens. For easily worn plastics, it is advisable to shorten the replacement cycle and conduct more frequent inspections. For more wear-resistant plastics, the replacement cycle can be moderately extended. In practice, adjusting screen replacement strategies based on the plastic type used in production maximizes the lifespan of screens.


The issue of screen replacement on plastic granule machine heads directly impacts production efficiency and particle quality. Through a thorough understanding of the key roles of screens, their service life, and timing of replacement, as well as sound operating techniques, producers can better meet the challenges of screen replacement in granulator for plastics and ensure continuous and stable production operation. Flexibly adjusting replacement strategies based on different plastic characteristics provides reliable support for the long-term development of enterprises.