The plastic film granulation line shipped by Shuliy Machinery to Saudi Arabia has been successfully installed. This is a complete high-capacity production line, in which the main equipment includes a plastic crushing machine, two plastic washing recycling machines, two lifting dewatering machines, a plastic film pelletizing machine, and a plastic dana cutter. Here are some pictures of the installation site for your reference.

Meeting Customer Needs

Our Saudi Arabian client’s raw material is a large amount of waste PP PE plastic film and wants to process them into recycled plastic pellets. After discussing the size of their plastic recycling plant and the required output, we recommended a 1000kg/h plastic film granulation line.

Customized Plastic Film Granulation Line Solutions

The Saudi Arabian customer’s plastics recycling plant is very large and has a lot of raw materials, and they wanted a line with a high throughput. Therefore we recommended a 1000kg/h plastic film washing recycling line. In addition, the customer indicated that their raw materials were dirty, so the line was equipped with two plastic washing recycling machines and two lifting dewatering machines. The customer is satisfied with our solution. It is hoped that the performance of the equipment will meet the client’s expectations when it is officially commissioned.

Customer's factory in Saudi Arabia
The customer’s factory in Saudi Arabia

Smooth Installation Of Waste Plastic Granulation Line

Once the customer confirms the order, we immediately start production and ensure timely delivery. Our technical manager Paul also came to the Saudi customer’s plastic waste recycling plant to assist in the installation. The plastic film granulation line has been successfully installed, here are the pictures of the installation.

Saudi Arabia Plastic Film Granulation Line Feedback

The video below is the feedback we received from our Saudi customer, we can see that the plastic film washing recycling line has been running successfully and is producing high-quality plastic pellets, which the customer is very happy with.