Plastic waste shredders play a vital role in the field of plastic recycling and reuse. By crushing waste plastic into small particles, these machines create the possibility of subsequent processing and recycling. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the capabilities of crusher plastic machines and what types of plastics they can shred.

How The Plastic Waste Shredder Works?

The crusher plastic machine is a machine designed to handle various plastic products. Its basic working principle is to crush large plastic objects into small particles utilizing blades. This process not only reduces the size of the plastic waste but also facilitates subsequent plastic recycling and manufacturing. The following video will help you understand.

Video of recycling shredder machine working

Types Of Plastics That Can Be Handled

PP PE Films

PP and PE films are commonly used in packaging materials, shopping bags, and other applications. Plastic waste shredders can effectively process these films through their powerful shredding capabilities, crushing them into small particles that provide raw materials for subsequent recycling processes.

plastic film flakes
Plastic film crushing effect
Hard Plastic

Rigid plastics include ABS, PS, HDPE, etc, and are commonly found in electronics casings, toys, and household items. The efficient blade design of the plastic waste shredder can easily deal with these hard plastics, shredding them into reusable plastic pieces.

Hard plastic crushing effect
Hard plastic crushing effect
PET Plastic

PET is a common plastic used in the manufacture of beverage bottles and fibers. We have shredders specifically designed to handle PET bottles, crushing them into flakes for easy subsequent cleaning.

PET bottle flakes
PET bottle flakes

Plastic Crushing Machine Manufacturer

Plastic waste shredders have become indispensable equipment in the plastic recycling industry through their versatility and high efficiency. They can effectively crush many common plastics such as PE, PP, HDPE, PVC, PET, etc., providing reliable support for plastic recycling and regeneration. Shuliy Machinery, as a plastic crushing machine manufacturer, has gained the trust of customers in many countries. If you need or have any questions, please leave your message on our website.