PET bottle scrap baling machine is a specialized equipment for compressing and baling waste PET bottles. Its main function is to compress the scattered PET bottle waste into a fixed shape and size of square or package, to facilitate storage, transport, and reprocessing use.

Plastic Bottle Baling Machine Working Video

Plastic Bottle Baling Machine Working Video

Features of PET Bottle Scrap Baling Machine

  • High efficiency and energy saving: Adopting advanced hydraulic systems and control technology, it can complete the baling and compression of waste materials quickly and efficiently, and at the same time, it has low energy consumption.
  • Stable and reliable: the equipment has a solid structure, simple operation, stable and reliable operation, and can work continuously for a long time without failure.
  • Space saving: Compacting loose waste into cubes or bales can significantly save storage and transport space and reduce waste disposal costs.

How To Choose The Right Plastic Bottle Baling Machine?

  • Consider capacity requirements: Determine the required baler capacity based on the amount of waste handled per day and select the equipment that suits your production scale.
  • Concerned about the quality of equipment: choose well-known brands, quality, and reliable manufacturers of equipment to ensure the stability and durability of the PET bottle scrap baling machine.
  • Consider the follow-up service: Consider the after-sales service and technical support provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the equipment runs stably and faults can be solved in time.