The plastic baler machine is a professional equipment designed for efficient compression and packaging of various waste plastics or other materials. The equipment is designed to facilitate the transport and storage of a wide range of waste materials, including waste cardboard boxes, PET bottles, oil drums, woven bags, and more. With the hydraulic plastic baling machine, these raw materials can be efficiently compressed into sturdy packages, thus improving transport efficiency and storage space utilization.

Plastic baler machine working video

Applications Of Plastic Baler Machine

The plastic baler machine is mainly applied to efficiently compress and pack all kinds of waste plastics or other materials, widely applicable raw materials include waste cartons, PET bottles, oil drums, woven bags, cardboard boxes, plastic film, old clothes, textiles, wool, cotton, straw and so on.

Working Principle Of Plastic Baling Machine

Material placement: Put the waste plastic materials to be processed (e.g. plastic film, bottles, bags, etc.) into the inlet or compression chamber of the baler machine.

Compression process: After starting the plastic recycling baler machine, the hydraulic or mechanical system drives the platen downwards, exerting enormous pressure on the plastic material and compressing it into a tight block.

Forming and strapping: After compression molding, the plastic baling machine will use special strapping bands or steel wires to tie and fix the compressed plastic blocks to prevent them from falling apart during handling and storage.

Discharge: When the baling is complete, the machine’s platen will lift to release the compressed plastic block and push it out of the plastic baler machine. At this point, the baled plastic blocks can be handled, stored, or transported.

Classification Of Hydraulic Plastic Baling Machine

Vertical Baler

Vertical balers have a vertical design and work by placing material into a compression chamber and then using hydraulics to compress the material into a strong parcel. Such parcels can be square, rectangular, or other shapes, depending on the design and setup of the machine. Due to their vertical design, these balers typically require a smaller footprint and are suitable for working environments where space is limited.

Vertical Baler Structure Diagram
Vertical baler structure
Vertical baler structure
Parameter Sheet
Vertical baler parameter
Horizontal Plastic Baler

Horizontal plastic balers are designed horizontally, larger, and more automated than vertical balers and are suitable for handling large quantities of PET bottles or hay, tires, cardboard, etc.

Parameter Sheet
ModelPower(kW)Baling size(mm)Capacity(t/h)
Horizontal plastic baler parameter

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Shuliy Machinery offers vertical balers and horizontal balers to meet the different needs of customers. Besides, we also provide plastic unwrapping machines, which are used to break up and unpack the bundled materials to improve the production efficiency of PET plastic recycling lines or waste plastic granulation lines.