A customer from Nigeria chose our company’s waste plastic granulator among several brands. At present, this customer has successfully installed and started to use the plastic recycling granulator machine supplied by us. After the trial run, the customer sent a feedback video, which fully expressed his high satisfaction with our Shuliy waste plastic extrusion machine.

Customer Feedback Video

Waste Plastic Granulator Die Head

In a recent Nigerian customer feedback video, we noticed that our customers showed a keen interest in the die heads of their waste plastic granulator, specifically discussing how the die heads can be replaced with a grid. Our company offers three main types of die heads, including electrically geared die heads, hydraulic die heads, and meshless slag discharge die heads. In this cooperation, the Nigerian customer chose the hydraulic die head.

The hydraulic die head is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation, allowing for non-stop screen changing, increasing production efficiency, and reducing manual intervention. Hydraulic die heads are favored by many customers as they allow for more precise extrusion control and are suitable for large-scale pellet production.