Vertical EPS foam compactor, like horizontal EPS foam compactor, is specially designed to handle waste foam products such as catering packaging materials, insulation foam, and foam filling materials. Its main function is to compress the foam material effectively and transform it into compact blocks for easier transport, storage, and reuse.

Introduction of Vertical EPS Foam Compactor

The EPS cold compactor is a machine specially designed to process a wide range of foam materials. It uses cold pressing technology to compress the foam material into denser blocks or slabs to improve its strength and stability. Styrofoam compactor machines are suitable for a wide range of foam materials, including EPS, EPE, and EPP.

styrofoam compactor

Features of the EPS Cold Compactor

  • The compression ratio is up to 40 times, which solves the problem of foam being light, occupying large volumes, difficult to recover, and difficult to transport.
  • No need to add chemical products and no odor generation.
  • The machine can be used for a wide range of foam materials, including EPS, EPE, EPP, etc., with wide applicability.
  • Operating and maintaining a vertical EPS foam compactor is relatively simple and does not require complex skills.

Styrofoam Compactor Machine Instructions for Use

  • Before starting the unit, carefully check the mechanical and electrical parts to ensure that everything is functioning properly.
  • Follow the instructions on the operating panel and follow the appropriate steps to operate the styrofoam compactor machine.
  • Perform commissioning work on vertical EPS foam compactor to ensure smooth operation.
  • Set the unit’s operating parameters to meet your needs.
  • After completing the above steps, the apparatus is activated and the foam is dropped into the apparatus and allowed to effectively compress the foam item into blocks.

How Does An EPS Cold Compactor Work?

As shown in the figure below, after the foam enters the vertical EPS foam compactor, it is first crushed and then the foam is squeezed according to the principle of pressure generated by the screw. The finished product is in block form.

Vertical EPS Foam Compactor Export Cases

EPS Cold Compactor Exported To Malaysia

Our EPS cold compactor was successfully exported to Malaysia, providing excellent foam processing solutions to local customers.

Styrofoam Compactor Machine Sent To USA

Recently, an American customer ordered a styrofoam compactor machine, model SL-400, with an output of 300kg/h, which has already been shipped.