Recently, the recycling plastic pelletizing line we sent to Nigeria has been successfully installed. This Nigerian customer bought one waste plastic granulation line and one PET bottle washing line from Shuliy Machinery. Now the project has been completed and the machines have been put into production.

Waste Plastic Granulation Line Installation Site

After receiving the equipment, the customer quickly set about installing it and our engineer Paul travelled to the customer’s factory to assist with the installation. The machine is now up and running and with this recycling plastic pelletizing line, the customer is able to process the waste plastics into plastic pellets for profit. Below are some pictures of the installation on site.

Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Line Video

Why Choose Shuliy As A Recycling Machine Manufacturer?

In addition to Nigeria, customers from Ghana, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Somalia, and many other countries have entered into cooperation with us. Shuliy Machinery focuses on helping customers to solve plastic recycling problems. As for the reasons why Nigerian customers choose us, there are roughly two points.

Customized solutions

We will provide customized solutions based on the customer’s raw material characteristics, processing capacity, plant size, and other needs. For example, this Nigerian customer needs to set up two production lines, a recycling plastic pelletizing line, and a PET bottle washing line, in one plant. We helped plan the location and configuration of the two lines according to the size of their plant.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service

After the customer receives the equipment, we arrange for our engineers to go to the customer’s site for installation guidance the first time. Ensure that the customer’s plastic recycling machine can be installed smoothly and run successfully. The customer is very satisfied with our after-sales service.