We recently received an inquiry from a customer from Tanzania who needed a plastic scrap shredder machine to process plastic drums and PET bottles. Through detailed communication between our sales manager Hailey and the customer, we understood the customer’s needs and provided him with a suitable solution.

Recommended Solutions and Production

After carefully confirming the customer’s needs, our sales manager Hailey recommended our 800 heavy-duty plastic scrap shredder machines, which can meet the customer’s needs for crushing plastic drums and PET bottles. The customer was satisfied with our recommendation and the order was quickly finalized.

Our production team immediately set to work on this particular model of shredder. After careful assembly and test run, the machine passed the quality inspection and was ready to be shipped to Tanzania.

Plastic Scrap Shredder Machine Parameters

  • Model: 800-heavy
  • Box board thickness: 30mm
  • Fixed knife holder thickness: 50mm
  • Power: 45KW, ZQ200 reducer
  • Machine size:1450*2600*2100mm

We have shipped the plastic scrap shredder machine to Tanzania and are looking forward to customers’ satisfactory feedback after receiving the equipment. As a company dedicated to providing optimal solutions for our customers, we will continue to work hard to maintain high-quality products and excellent service and provide all-around support and assistance to our customers.