In PET flakes washing plants, cleaning is a critical step to ensure the quality of recycled PET pellets. In this article, we will introduce the PET bottle-washing process and related plastic recycling machines.

PET Flakes Washing Process

Rinsing: The first step in the PET flakes washing plant is to feed the PET bottles into a plastic float sink tank for rinsing. In this step, the PET bottles will be soaked in the washing tank through a stream of water to remove surface dirt and impurities. At the same time, the caps and residual labels are separated during the washing process.

After rinsing, the PET bottles will be sent to the hot washed PET flakes machine for hot water washing. In the hot washing tank, the PET bottles will be exposed to a high-temperature water stream, which helps to completely remove the dirt and bacteria remaining on the surface of the bottles. Hot water washing not only improves the cleaning effect but also helps to reduce bacterial residue and ensure the quality of the recycled PET pellets.

Friction Washing: Next, the clean PET bottles are passed through the friction washing machine for further washing. The friction washer uses high-speed rotating brushes and a stream of water to mechanically friction wash the PET bottles, ensuring that every part of the bottle surface is thoroughly cleaned.

Rinsing Again and Dewatering: Finally, the cleaned PET bottles will be rinsed again to ensure that all detergents and dirt are thoroughly removed. The PET bottles will then enter the PET flakes dryer machine to remove surface water and bring them to a dry state, ready for subsequent processing and utilization.

PET Flakes Washing Plant For Sale

Through the above cleaning process, PET bottles can be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the quality of recycled PET pellets meets the standard. As a professional PET bottle washing line manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality equipment and perfect solutions to promote the development of the plastic recycling industry. We welcome you to contact us for more information about the PET flakes washing plant.