Our customer in Nigeria recently gave us the good news that the PET bottle recycling plant they ordered from our company has been successfully installed and started to be put into production. Shuliy Machinery is a PET bottle recycling machine manufacturer that provides complete PET bottle recycling solutions to help customers start their plastic recycling business.

PET Bottle Recycling plant details

The equipment purchased for the plastic bottle washing line in Nigeria included a PET bottle label remover, a PET bottle shredder, two PET flakes washing machines, a PET flakes hot washing machine, and a friction washer plastic recycling. The Nigerian customer carefully installed the machines under our line installation guidance to ensure smooth operation.

Plastic Bottle Washing Line Operation Video

This is a video of a PET bottle recycling plant in operation for a customer in Nigeria. The video shows PET bottles going through a series of processing steps to end up with clean PET flakes.

Features Of Shuliy PET Bottle Recycling Plant

  • The production line has a wide range of output and can meet the different production line needs of customers.
  • The machine of this plastic bottle washing line can be flexibly configured according to customers’ needs, and the appearance and color of the machine can be customized.
  • PET bottle recycling plants have machines that quickly and thoroughly clean PET bottles, effectively removing surface dirt and contaminants and ensuring that the recycled PET material meets high-quality standards.