In the plastic recycling industry, the hard plastic shredder is one of the indispensable key equipment. It effectively crushes waste plastic drums, plastic baskets, electrical shells, and rigid plastic products through a specific workflow, providing an important prerequisite for subsequent reprocessing and recycling. The working principle and process of a rigid plastic shredder machine will be introduced in detail below.

Working Principle of Hard Plastic Shredder

The working principle of the rigid plastic shredder is based on the tearing and cutting of plastic products by high-speed rotating blades. The motor drives the blades to rotate at high speed, and a certain angle will be formed between the fixed blade and the movable blade so that the rigid plastic products will be quickly broken into small pieces or fragments. The special structural design inside the machine ensures a reasonable match of cutting angle and strength to achieve the best crushing effect.

Rigid Plastic Shredder Machine Workflow

Firstly the discarded rigid plastic products are fed into the hard plastic shredder through the feed opening, and then the internal blade system starts to rotate at high speed. The blades cut the rigid plastic products into small pieces or fragments, and after continuous shredding and cutting, they are finally crushed completely. The crushed plastic fragments are screened and classified through the internal screen, and the fragments that meet the requirements are discharged through the discharge port, while the residues that are not completely crushed continue to be recycled and crushed in the crushing chamber until they meet the crushing requirements.

Working Video

Here is the working video of the hard plastic shredder.