This customer from Somalia chose our hard plastic crusher. He is going to use the machine to crush some hard waste plastics. We recommend the model SL-800 rigid plastic shredder machine for the customer, which is specially designed for crushing hard plastics, with a capacity of 700-800kg/h, which can fully meet the needs of Somali customers.

Parameters Of Hard Plastic Crusher To Somalia

The SL-800 model rigid plastic shredder machine is an efficient and powerful machine, powered by a 35hp diesel engine to ensure a strong power output. With its excellent capacity of up to 700-800kg per hour, it is suitable for processing large quantities of hard plastic waste. Equipped with sturdy blades that are 400mm long, 100mm wide, and 16mm thick, the shredder effectively shears, tears, and crushes hard plastics, providing the ideal raw material for subsequent recycling processes.

Customers Visited Our Factory

After the production of the equipment was completed, Somali customers came to our factory in person and carried out a comprehensive product inspection of the hard plastic crusher SL-800. Through detailed observation and inspection, the customer fully understood the performance of the machine in terms of working conditions and effects. After rigorous testing, the customer spoke highly of our products and expressed great satisfaction with the stable operation of the machine and its excellent performance in efficiently processing hard plastics. The following is the video of the customer’s inspection site.