Good news from a customer in Saudi Arabia: the previously installed 1000kg/h plastic granulating line is running successfully! The waste film recycling line was successfully installed under the on-site guidance of Shuliy Group’s technical manager some time ago, and the customer has now put it into production and given us feedback.

Plastic Granulating Line Configuration

This pelletizing line for PP/PE film is equipped with a series of equipment, including a plastic film shredder, two plastic recycling washing machines, two plastic film dryer machines, a plastic granulator, a cooling tank, and a plastic granules cutting machine. Each process is carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure the efficient operation of the production line and the high-quality output of plastic recycled pellets.

Customer Feedback Video

The customer is very satisfied with our plastic granulating line and sent us a feedback video. In the video, the production line is running stably and the plastic film is turned into high-quality recycled plastic granules after being processed by our equipment. The customer said that our equipment is not only efficient and stable but also easy to operate, which greatly improved their production efficiency and product quality. Such feedback is the best proof of our product quality and service level.