Good news. Our company has completed an order for an EPS hot melting machine from a Malaysian customer. This specialized machine has been designed to efficiently process EPS foam by crushing it, melting it, and then extruding it into compact blocks, thus reducing the volume of EPS foam. The machine has been dispatched and is being shipped to Malaysia to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Order Confirmation

The Malaysian customer was very interested in our EPS foam melting machine, which he considered to be an effective solution for the treatment of EPS foam waste. Therefore, the customer decided to invest in our professional equipment. After a detailed discussion and understanding of the customer’s needs, the order for the EPS hot melting machine was confirmed.

EPS Hot Melting Machine Working Video

EPS foam melting machine working video

Parameters Of EPS Hot Melting Machine Sent To Malaysia

EPS hot melting machine shipped to Malaysia
  • Model: SL-1000
  • Machine size: 17001400900mm
  • Weight: 550kg
  • Input size: 1000mm*700mm
  • Power: 22kw
  • Capacity: 200-250kg/h
  • Heating power: 4kw