PVC pelletizing extrusion line plays an important role in the plastic processing industry, which can convert waste PVC materials into reusable pellets and achieve effective use of resources. In this article, we will take the case of an Oman customer as an example to introduce the configuration of a 500kg/h PVC pelletizing line and the pelletizing process.

500kg/h PVC Pelletizing Line Configuration

The main configurations and specifications of the 500kg/h PVC pelletizing extrusion line for the customer in Oman are as follows:

PVC Crushing Machine

  • Model: SLSP-60
  • Power: 37kw
  • Capacity: 600-800kg/h
  • Knives: 10pcs
  • Knives Material: 65Mn
  • QTY(pcs): 1

Plastic Scrap Washing Machine

  • Length: 8 meters
  • With chain and motor
  • QTY(pcs): 2

Vertical Plastic Dewatering Machine

  • Power: 7.5kw
  • Another is 4.5kw
  • QTY(pcs): 2

Centrifuge Plastic Dewatering Machine

  • Power: 22kw
  • QTY(pcs): 1

PVC Granulator Machine

  • Main unit
  • Model: SL-190
  • Power: 55kw
  • 2.6m screw
  • Heating method: Electromagnetic heating(60kw+80kw)
  • Reducer:315 hardened gear reducer
  • Second plane
  • Model: SL-180
  • Power:22kw
  • 1.5m screw
  • Heating ring
  • QTY(pcs): 1

Plastic Granules Cutting Machine

  • Model SL-200
  • Power: 4KW
  • With inverter
  • Hob knives
  • QTY(pcs): 1

PVC Pelletizing Extrusion Line Process

  • Shredding: Waste PVC material is processed into small particles through a PVC crushing machine.
  • Washing: Crushed PVC particles enter the plastic scrap washing machine for cleaning to remove impurities and dirt.
  • Dewatering: The cleaned PVC granules are dewatered in a centrifuge plastic dewatering machine to remove water.
  • Pelletizing: Dehydrated PVC granules are fed into the PVC granulator machine for pelletizing and extruding plastic strips.
  • Cooling: The plastic strip is then cooled and cured in a cooling tank.
  • Cutting: The cooled PVC plastic strip is cut through the plastic granules cutting machine to obtain the required size of pellets.
  • Storage: Cut PVC pellets are stored in a storage silo for subsequent use.

Working Video of PVC Pelletizing Extrusion Line

Working Video of PVC Pelletizing Extrusion Line

Through the case of an Oman customer, we understand the configuration of a 500kg/h PVC pelletizing line and its process flow. Crushing, washing, dewatering, granulation, cooling, cutting, and storage, each step plays a key role and together they form an efficient PVC granulation line.