As a key piece of equipment in a plastic pelletizing production line, the normal operation of a plastic pellet cutting machine is vital to production efficiency. To ensure that the machine can continue to work efficiently, proper maintenance and care are essential. Below we will introduce how to maintain the plastic granules cutting machine.

plastic granules cutting machine

Regular Cleaning And Lubrication

Firstly, regular cleaning is one of the important steps to keep the plastic pellet cutting machine functioning properly. Timely removal of dust, residue, and other impurities on the surface and inside of the machine can prevent impurities from clogging the machine and affecting the cutting effect. In addition, regular lubrication of the blades and hobs is also essential to reduce friction and wear and prolong the service life of the knives.

Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine Blade Maintenance

Secondly, regular inspection and adjustment of the various components of the plastic granules cutting machine is also one of the important elements of maintenance. Check the sharpness and wear of the blades and replace the badly worn blades in time to ensure the cutting effect.

According to the experience, in general, the plastic granule cutter needs a blade replacement every time it cuts about 2,000 tonnes of pellets. Because long time use will lead to serious wear and tear of the blade, affecting the cutting effect and productivity. Therefore, the timely replacement of blades is one of the key steps to keep the plastic pellet cutting machine running efficiently.


Maintaining your plastic granule cutter is the key to keeping your plastic pelletizing production line running efficiently. Regular cleaning and lubrication, periodic inspection and adjustment, and timely replacement of blades can ensure the normal operation of your machine, increase productivity, and reduce maintenance costs. We hope that the above maintenance guidelines can help you better manage and maintain your Plastic pellet cutting machine to ensure its stable operation for a long time.