Nos lignes de granulation de film PP PE sont l'une des solutions de recyclage du plastique les plus efficaces de Shuliy Machinery. Que votre matière première soit du PP, du PE ou tout autre film plastique, notre ligne complète de recyclage de déchets de films peut répondre à vos besoins de lavage du plastique ou de transformation en granulés de plastique, ce qui peut vous rapporter des bénéfices considérables.

This plastic film recycling line is a complex system consisting of some key plastic recycling machines, each machine playing an important role in ensuring that the final output of plastic pellets is of exceptional quality. Our capacity for this line is 100-500kg/h. Of course, we can also provide customized services to suit your needs.

Here we will introduce you to how to process plastic film into plastic pellets and what equipment is needed for this process.

ligne de recyclage de films de rebut

Qu'est-ce que la ligne de granulation de film PP PE ?

The PP PE film granulation line is a complete recycling solution specifically designed to recycle and reuse waste plastic film. The line processes waste plastic film into uniform plastic pellets through a series of processes such as crushing, cleaning, dewatering, melting, extruding, and cutting. These granules can be used as raw materials to remanufacture various plastic products.

As an experienced plastic recycling machine manufacturer, our plastic recycling plant has received recognition from customers from all over the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Oman, Ghana, Germany, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, and so on. We are committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable recycling equipment and constantly improving our technology and service level. Our products include a complete set of recycling equipment such as a plastic waste shredder, plastic washing machine, plastic dryer machine, plastic pelletizing recycling machine, and so on, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Application de la ligne de granulation de recyclage du plastique

La ligne de granulation de films PP PE convient à une large gamme de matières premières, notamment les films plastiques, les sacs tissés en PP, les sacs de ciment, les films agricoles et de serre, les films d'emballage industriels, les films thermorétractables, les films étirables, les sacs poubelles et les films à bulles. Ces matières premières deviennent généralement des produits en plastique jetables qui, s'ils ne sont pas manipulés correctement, peuvent entraîner de graves risques environnementaux tels que la pollution et le gaspillage des ressources.

We can customize the right solution for our customers based on the type and quantity of raw materials and the degree of soiling. After full communication with the customer, we will flexibly adjust the equipment configuration to ensure that the whole plastic recycling process is efficient and economical.

For example, for different kinds of plastic films, we can equip corresponding crushing and washing machines; for dirtier raw materials, we can add multiple cleaning and rinsing processes to ensure the purity of the finished products. In addition, we can also adjust the capacity of the PP PE film granulation line according to the customer’s production needs, to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes.

Produits finaux

The finished product of the PP PE film granulation line is high-quality recycled plastic pellets that have uniform size and excellent physical properties. These pellets are widely used in the manufacture of a variety of plastic products, such as packaging materials, pipes, sheets, and household goods. As our pelletizing line can effectively remove impurities and dirt, the recycled pellets produced are of high quality, providing our customers with high-quality raw materials that are competitive in the market.

Vidéo 3D de la ligne de recyclage de films plastiques

Vidéo du flux de travail de la ligne de granulation de film 3D PP PE

Advantages Of PP PE Film Granulation Line

Flexible Configurations: We offer flexible equipment configurations based on the type of feedstock, quantity, and degree of soiling to ensure that the recycling solution is maximized to meet the needs of the customer. Whether you need to adjust a single piece of equipment or optimize an entire line, we can provide expert advice and solutions.

High-quality pellets produced: Our pelletizing systems produce high-quality plastic pellets that can be used directly in the manufacture of new plastic products. Advanced technology and sophisticated equipment ensure that pellets are uniform and free of impurities, enhancing the properties and applications of recycled materials.

Customizable equipment: We offer a wide range of optional equipment to meet different customer needs. Whether it is screen size adjustment, blade material selection, or production line configuration optimization, we can customize according to customer requirements to ensure that the equipment is adapted to the customer’s production environment and goals.

Qu’est-ce qui est utilisé pour fabriquer des granulés de plastique ?

Le processus de granulation du plastique est le processus de conversion des déchets plastiques en granulés de plastique de haute qualité, qui implique plusieurs étapes importantes, du concassage au stockage final. Les usines de recyclage du plastique telles que les broyeurs de plastique, les granulateurs de plastique, les cuves de lavage du plastique et autres machines de recyclage du plastique sont toutes des équipements clés dans la fabrication de granulés de plastique. Ce qui suit est une description détaillée de cette ligne de granulation de film PP PE :

Broyeur de plastique

Premièrement, les matières premières, telles que les films plastiques et les sacs tissés, sont broyées dans un broyeur de plastique. This step cuts large pieces of plastic material into smaller pieces to make them easier to handle.

The crusher’s blades are made of 60Si2Mn material, known for its durability and ability to achieve efficient cutting. When processing film materials, the screen size is set between 40-50mm, ensuring consistent sizes of the shredded film. Additionally, the machine’s settings can be adjusted according to user requirements, offering flexibility and precision in operation.

image de fond blanc de broyeur en plastique
broyeur de plastique

Réservoir de lavage en plastique

Les copeaux de plastique broyés sont ensuite passés à travers un cuve de lavage en plastique pour éliminer les contaminants et les impuretés restant à la surface du matériau. Le lavage est effectué pour garantir que la production finale de granulés de plastique est de qualité pure et adaptée à la refabrication.

Our shortest washing tank is 5 meters long with two agitator wheels for smaller throughputs. If you have a larger capacity, we also have rinsing tanks with a length of 15-20 meters and 30 meters.

cuve de lavage en plastique
cuve de lavage en plastique

Sécheur vertical

Après le lavage, le plastique va dans un séchoir vertical, a step designed to remove moisture from the surface of the plastic. Drying is critical because moisture affects the quality and shape of the pellets. The dried plastic is easier to process and mold. The machine can be used with a horizontal dryer, the dehydration rate is 95%-98%.

machine de déshydratation verticale
machine de déshydratation verticale

Granulateur de film plastique

Le matériau séché sera introduit dans le granulateur de film plastique, qui est la partie centrale de toute la ligne de granulation de film PP PE. À l’intérieur de la machine de granulation de plastique, les films plastiques seront chauffés, fondus, puis extrudés à travers la tête de filière pour former des granulés de plastique de haute qualité. La taille et la forme de ce pellet peuvent être ajustées selon les besoins.

The model of the pelletizer is named by the screw diameter, and the forced feeder, heating method, and die head can be selected according to the customer’s needs.

granulateur de film plastique
granulateur de film plastique

Machine de découpe de granulés

Après la granulation, de longues bandes de granulés doivent souvent être découpées en granulés de taille constante pour différentes applications. Machines à couper les granulés are responsible for this task, ensuring that the final pellets meet specifications. The pellet cutting machine adopts a hard alloy hob, which is so durable that the blade only needs to be replaced once for every about 2000 tons of pellets processed. The size of the pellets cut out is about 3mm, which can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.

machine de découpe de granulés
machine de découpe de granulés

Bac de stockage de granulés en plastique

La production finale de granulés de plastique de haute qualité sera stockée dans un bac de rangement. This warehouse can be used for temporary storage of pellets pending sale or further processing. Correct storage conditions are important to maintain the quality of the pellets. We provide various sizes of plastic granules storage silos to meet various production needs.

bac de stockage de granulés en plastique
bac de stockage de granulés en plastique

Vidéo de travail de la ligne de recyclage des déchets de films

vidéo du processus de production de granulés de plastique

Spécifications de la machine de recyclage de films plastiques

Our plastic film recycling machine has been carefully designed to efficiently recycle and process all types of plastic film. Below are the detailed specifications of the PP PE film granulation line to help you fully understand its performance and benefits:

Matières premièresPP woven bags, cement bags, agricultural and greenhouse films, industrial packaging films, heat shrink films, stretch films, rubbish bags,
PP raffia, and bubble films
Produits finauxRecycled plastic pellets
Applicable plastic typesPP, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, PS, etc
Production capacity100-500kg/heure
How to installOnline or on-site installation assistance
Delivery date40-45 days
Warranty period1 year
Optional devicesMobile silo, horizontal dryer, belt conveyor with iron remover, heating device, knife grinder, etc.

Cas d'exportation de machines de recyclage de films plastiques

Installation d'une machine de recyclage de films HDPE au Nigeria

With the assistance of our engineers, the HDPE film recycling machine was successfully installed and operated in Nigeria.

Ligne de granulation de film PE 1000kg/H PP en opération en Arabie Saoudite

We have successfully installed and operated a 1000kg/H PP PE film granulation line at our customer’s plastics recycling plant in Saudi Arabia.

Prix ​​de la machine de l’usine de recyclage du plastique

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