The EPS hot melting recycling machine is a kind of equipment specially used for processing and recycling waste EPS foam. EPS foam is widely used in packaging, building insulation, and other fields, but its large size and light weight make it difficult to dispose of after being discarded. The styrofoam melting machine melts and compresses these foams into dense lumps by heating, which is easy to store, transport, and reuse.

styrofoam melting machine


EPS hot melting recycling machine operation


  • 首先,泡沫进入入口。这些泡沫可以是废弃的泡沫产品或原始泡沫材料,例如泡沫板或泡沫块。
  • 一旦泡沫进入料斗,机器就开始工作。 EPS热熔机配备了专门的破碎系统,可以有效地将大块泡沫破碎成小块。此步骤旨在使泡沫材料更易于处理和熔化。
  • 小块碎泡沫进入热熔区域。
  • 泡沫材料熔化后,被送入 EPS 热熔回收机的挤出区域。在挤出区域,泡沫通过螺杆挤出。


  • 产能(kg/h): 100-150
  • 配置功率(kW):15
  • 进料口尺寸(mm):450*600
  • 机器尺寸(毫米):1500*800*1450
  • 产能(kg/h): 150-200
  • 配置功率(kW):18.5
  • 进料口尺寸(mm):800*600
  • 机器尺寸(毫米):1580*1300*850
  • 产能(kg/h): 200-250
  • 配置功率(kW):22
  • 进料口尺寸(mm):1000*700
  • 机器尺寸(毫米):1900*1580*900




Other Foam Recycling Machines

In addition to styrofoam melting machines, we also offer a wide range of foam recycling machines to meet your different recycling needs. For example, the EPS泡沫压实机 can crush and compress waste foam into blocks, significantly reducing the volume for easy storage and transport. Our plastic foam granulators can process EPE and EPS foam into granules, which can be further used to manufacture new plastic products.

We are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive foam recycling solutions. Whether it’s an EPS cold compactor that reduces bulk and facilitates transport, or a plastic foam granulator that converts waste foam into recycled pellets, our equipment helps you achieve an efficient and environmentally friendly recycling process.