The plastic bag shredder is a machine specially designed to process plastic bags and films. Its main function is to efficiently and accurately crush waste plastic bags and film for subsequent washing or pelletizing.

The machine adopts a precise cutting mechanism, which can quickly cut the plastic bags into small pieces and improve the processing efficiency. The plastic film crusher is designed to be simple and easy to operate, users only need to put the plastic into the machine and start the equipment to complete the crushing process.

trituradora de bolsas de plastico
trituradora de bolsas de plastico

Raw Material For Plastic Film Crusher

Plastic film shredder machines are suitable for use with a wide range of plastic materials including, but not limited to, plastic film, PP non-woven bags, cement bags, waste agricultural and greenhouse film, industrial packaging film, and stretch film.

How Does The Plastic Bag Shredder Work?

The main internal structure of the plastic film crusher is composed of a feeding port, motor, special cutter, rotating shaft, discharge port, and shell body. Here is the working principle of a plastic bag shredder.

  • The material is fed from the conveying equipment into the crushing chamber of the crusher through the inlet.
  • In the working chamber of the plastic film shredder machine, the main body rotating shaft is driven to rotate by the motor and deceleration equipment, and the rotating shaft is mounted with fixed blades, so that the material is crushed through the torque force generated by the rotating shaft and the cutting ability of the knives, thus achieving the purpose of crushing.
  • Crushed plastic through the screen to the outlet, can not pass the screen particles, re-entering the crushing chamber for secondary crushing.
  • The crushed particles that pass through the screen are then fed into the storage bin through the outlet or can be fitted with a transfer device and fed into the plastic chips washing machine and plastic film granulator to be processed into plastic granules. The screen size of the plastic film crusher is usually 40-50 mm in diameter.

Application Video Of Plastic Film Crusher

Application of plastic waste crushing machine in waste plastics recycling

Parameters Of Waste Plastic Crushing Machine

Our waste plastic crushing machines are equipped with highly efficient shredding capacity, with output ranging from 600-1200kg/h, which can meet the needs of enterprises of different sizes. We also offer a customized service, whereby we can adjust the output to suit smaller or larger production requirements, depending on the specific needs of the customer.

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business or a large recycling plant, we have the right solution for you. In addition, the plastic bag shredder is made of robust materials, equipped with powerful blades and efficient motors to ensure smooth and low-noise operation during the shredding process.

How To Recycle Plastic Film?

Shuliy Machinery offers complete waste film recycling lines to efficiently process waste plastic films and convert them into reusable pellets. Below are the steps of the entire recycling process:

  • Plastic Bag Shredder: Waste plastic film enters the plastic film crusher and is cut into small pieces.
  • Plastic Film Washing Machine: The cut small pieces of plastic film enter the plastic cleaning tank to remove impurities, dirt, etc. attached to the surface.
  • Plastic Film Scrap Dewatering Machine: The washed plastic film contains moisture, and to ensure the quality and stability of the final pellets, this wet plastic is de-watered using a plastic film scrap dewatering machine.
  • Granulador de película plástica: Finally, the washed and dewatered plastic film fragments enter the plastic film granulator. Here they are heated, melted, and extruded from the pelletizer die into long plastic strips, which are then cooled and cured before being cut into small pellets by a plastic pellet cutting machine.

Successful Cases Of Plastic Waste Crushing Machine

Plastic Bag Shredder Installation In Nigeria

With the on-site assistance of our engineers, the Nigerian customer successfully installed the plastic film recycling machine and PET bottle recycling machine, the following is the picture of the on-site installation of the plastic waste crushing machine.

plastic scrap crusher installed at customer's plant in Nigeria
plastic scrap crusher installed at customer’s plant in Nigeria
Plastic Film Shredder Machine Running In Saudi Arabia

The customer’s factory in Saudi Arabia has installed a plastic film granulation line with a capacity of 1000 kg/h, specially designed to process waste plastic film into plastic pellets. The equipment includes a plastic bag shredder, a plastic washing tank, and a plastic recycling pelletizing machine.

plastic film shredder running in Saudi Arabia
plastic film shredder running in Saudi Arabia

Advantages of Plastic Bag Shredder

High-efficiency crushing: The equipment adopts advanced crushing technology, which can process all kinds of plastic bags and films efficiently and evenly and improve the efficiency of waste treatment.

Versatilidad: It is suitable for a wide range of plastic raw materials, including films, woven bags, tonne bags, agricultural films, etc. It has a wide range of application areas and processing capabilities.

Durable and stable: The use of robust materials and stable structural design ensures the durability of the equipment and reduces the need for maintenance and repairs.

Customized design: Provide customized design service, tailor the most suitable plastic bag crusher according to customer’s needs, and provide personalized solutions.

Plastic Crushing Machine Price

If you need to get detailed information about plastic bag shredder prices or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team will provide you with accurate and transparent pricing information and ensure the best quality solution for your plastic waste disposal needs.